Anice - Limited Edition

Meaning 'grace' in old English, the Anice quilt is quintessentially english and gracious. Elegant Kate Forman linens, with discreet florals, and dusty rose colouring play beautifully off antique Ian Sanderson neutral cottons, and the most delicate of pistacio green hand-dyed silks.

The modern pattern of mis-matched patchwork is a nod to this quilt's traditional roots, with a vintage feeling design and washed out colour palette. The Anice quilt is quilted freehand in studio by our artisan quilters, in a classic pattern of intersecting lines, backed with the finest Nile & York cotton in a delicate and elegant stripe, and filled with our natural bamboo and cotton wadding. The quilt is hand bound with Kate Forman's beautiful blush linen. 

Featuring: Ian Sanderson and Nile & York Cottons, Silk Society hand-dyed silks, Kate Forman Linens.