Nat's a creative entrepreneur who in previous lives was a landscape gardener on Martha's Vineyard, and a restaurateur. She's travelled  the world absorbing all the fabulous colours and textures she can and made her home in the US and Thailand - most recently returning to re-discover her English roots in the Somerset countryside. In her latest adventure she designed, built and ran her own restaurant on the beautiful Thai island of Koh Phangan. When not indulging her lifetime passion for designing and making, she's spinning a yarn with her other great passion: writing. She's been featured in Time magazine and The Times, and has a book in the making.


Karuna's an artist at heart and by trade. Having recently graduated with a degree in fine art, she's also a photographer, digital artist and uber talented at all she turns her hand to. She's a true creative and an inspirational dreamer currently letting her imagination run wild with incredible fabrics, patterns and materials. She hails from Whitstable, quintessentially English seaside town full of beautiful ocean vistas and incredible sunsets, which inspire her daily.

Together the modern heirloom quilts we make have their story and history woven into them. They're beautiful pieces of fabric art which not only reflect the finest materials Britain has to offer, but will live on in your child and your family's future history.

Treasured. Unique. Beautiful in heart and soul. That's what we demand of everything we do.

Our History

Karuna and Nat met in Thailand and quickly formed a working relationship over their shared creative interests and passion for design. When Nat had her baby girl, Laeila, she searched high and low for a beautiful unique quilt her daughter would treasure forever. Not finding one, Karuna stepped in and crafted a beautiful quilt, using Laeila's first babygros and little outfits as materials. That quilt is still one of their most treasured possessions, and has made its way around the world several times, always being packed first on any adventure.

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

From that first quilt Painted and Patched was born. Karuna and Nat wanted to make truly special quilts which reflected not only the safest, most beautiful, and finely crafted materials, but which were one-of-a-kind, each a unique work of art. For that reason our patchwork designs are limited edition, and each quilting is unique, created in studio by our artisan quilters never to be replicated exactly again. To learn more about why our quilts are so special please see our processes page.

Looking Forward

As we designed our quilts and custom artwork we also found that the furniture we'd love to use in our room sets and which we envisaged in our minds just wasn't on the market. So over the last months we've designed and sourced a range of nursery furniture, using local sustainable and beautiful woods. We're working with The Nursery Paint Co. to make sure our lovely furniture is not only ecologically sound, but utterly safe for little ones too. This collection will be launching in the spring 2013, so please make sure you sign up to get all the details hot off the press.