December 05, 2012

Share Your Dreams and Really Believe

My Dream List before the Year's Out

We all make lists when we have deadlines, crazy schedules and so many must-do’s bursting out of our brains, why don’t we make lists for the bigger stuff, the dreams, the where to’s? Maybe we do. Maybe we hide them because sharing dreams is scary stuff. Fear we won't get there, and then we’ve shared it all, and then everyone knows you didn’t quite get there.

I’ve got a few things dancing around, and as much as one can ‘know’ ‘hope’ and ‘believe’, I’m going for these before the years out!

o 5K of sales from my art

o No student over draft

o Cutting out bread (mostly)

o Laugh more

o Staying happy and in control after being on the receiving end of huge deceit in my life. It happens to us all and we don’t always see it coming but the main thing is getting straight back up again.

o Buy my New Mini

o Read that book I’ve been meaning to read, which has strong life consequences once it’s done! You can do it Karuna and follow the path after.

o Start meditating

o Launch Painted and Patched – so exciting!!!

o Earn that figure I wrote down before the years out.
See I’m scared too, why not just write it down?! But then I’ve told the world and if I don’t succeed, then what? Failure? Or maybe the things we don’t achieve, are the things we didn’t believe in enough.. enough to share. Still something I’m working on…

o Go dancing till sunrise

o Sell a third of my stuff

o Find the perfect house and make a home

One thing I know, It’s all coming true.


Nat August 06 2012 at 10:08 AM

So great that you wrote it all down. It really focuses, and sets the intention – and the universe responds :) Mondo Beyondo (a big-dreaming course) recommend you write it down, and hide it for one year, then re-open, and you will be amazed at how much has come true. No doubt in my mind great things are already flowing for you <3

Karuna August 06 2012 at 03:08 PM

Still scary stuff and there are some details I still don’t share – it’s that fear I am working on right now. Believe believe believe but the human scared part of you pops up when you least expect it, like a little devil in your mind!!

“Really?! You think you can do that?! What about this? What about that?!”

Aggggg – so hard to block that stuff, but I believe knowing the place it’s coming from (fundamental confidence and those I can’t get there seeds planted deep deep with in) and focusing on blocking that is a good start…. i hope!!

Karuna August 06 2012 at 03:08 PM

You were already in my vision of this ;)

Nat August 06 2012 at 10:08 AM

ALso – can I be part of the dancing to sunrise bit?

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