December 05, 2012

Designer Makers We Love - The Iron Mill

This week I was looking for a towel hanging solution in our new bathroom. It's a new-build box room, so I was on the hunt for character. On Ebay, I stumbled across designer-maker Joseph McCaughern and his gorgeous handmade iron work.

I snapped up a beautiful handmade distressed set of hooks very similar to the ones below - aren't they GORGEOUS?

[caption id="attachment_875" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Joseph McCaughern's great work at The Iron Mill"]Joseph McCaughern The Iron Mill[/caption]

So much on ebay is mass-produced rubbish, I love to see young designer-makers doing a beautiful job of marketing and selling their wonderful products, especially in a doom-and-gloom economy. Joseph's lively facebook page, clean simple website, and ebay shop, all working in harmony together, are just one more wonderful example of how we are the new economy.

Check out his other beautiful products, and please consider searching out young artisans such as these when making purchases.....

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