December 05, 2012



Here at Painted & Patched we love the idea that even old out-dated things can have a new lease of life! An old chest of draws lovingly sanded and re-painted could be just what you need to spice up a room, or a simple, plain table could be made new again by adding a delicious new colour with some simple arty prints. Even a scruffy sense of style can make for a whole new look..... Check out these beauties.......


Leo January 27 2013 at 06:01 PM

gorgeous quilts!! each of my conuiss, my sister & I all have handmade quilts from my great gramma from when we were born my mom almost wouldn’t give it to me when Goose was born, as it had spent 30 years in her cedar chest and she was afraid it would get ruined what a wonderful gift, keepsake, and token of your love for them Jess. you rock.Rusti recently posted..

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