December 05, 2012

Let Yourself Be Seen

Brené Brown on Vulnerability - Youtube

Today I'm really happy to be me.

I've always been someone who gives away too much but something in me knows, although I get let down and hurt more, there's other amazing stuff I experience which other people miss. The serious, numb, closed people, who are scared to look stupid, scared to take risks, scared to be different and scared to let themselves be seen.

I laugh at my own jokes, say things I often regret a few seconds later, become excited by people far too quickly, and move a little too fast in life


with that openness comes more and I love it!

This Christmas someone said something very sweet to me, when asked if they could have anything from Santa, just anything, they said....

"Karuna enthusiasm for life"

I thought to myself I would give my right leg before I gave that away.

Sometimes its hard but with it comes so much more, let yourself be seen.

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