December 05, 2012

This Solo Flyer's Loving Being Part of a Team

So, I've always worked in jobs where I am in a team, but able to work alone a lot - most often at the computer keyboard, at one point in gardens, and in the crazy-making early days of our restaurant, head-down-aloneness cranking through dinner service.

Now with this new venture I find myself becoming part of a team. And it's not a corporate, heeby-jeeby making, scary kind of team, it's one of the new kind: A team of creatives, people who are drawn to what we're doing, people who serendipitously arrive right when we need them, who aren't often in the same room (I'm currently in Thailand), but have a powerful connection.

The Team

Firstly, gorgeous Karuna - creative wonder kid, textile junkie, bold painter and digital artist. She's taking the quilt design bull by the horns, and riding that thing. She was ready, willing, and more than able, to step up and become partners, bringing the creative, edgy, ying to balance my more conservative yang. The critical alchemy that meant we could start this wild ride.

[caption id="attachment_535" align="aligncenter" width="151" caption="Karuna"][/caption]

Then there's Margaret, who's just joined us. Who arrived when Karuna most needed her, with years of quilting experience and talent, who is knocking up incredible prototypes as we speak.


And beside her, the wonderful Danielle - an honors graduate, a fabulous homemade doll-maker, and just the kind of creative spirit and bright young mind we love to work with.

All of them currently working from Karuna's makeshift studio in the UK:

And then, most recently, Woolly Shepherd appeared in our lives: local, organic wool products including quilt wadding which just happens to be awesome.

Behind the scenes there are even more friends and creative connections working on graphic design, web design and much much more. Networking 21st century style.

I just can't wait to see how it all goes forward, and what other fab people and products arrive as we grow. It's the new way to do business baby: by instinct, intuition, relationship, internet connection, and with a little bit of grace.

And finally me -

[caption id="attachment_536" align="aligncenter" width="276" caption="WAAHHH Blast from the past - Garden Girl circa 2004"][/caption]

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