December 05, 2012

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

So there's a whole lot of hoopla happening on Wall Street, and in London, and everywhere else around the world. People are making a statement, as is their right. They are trying to hold accountable the financial institutions whose gross mismanagement, and in many cases downright criminal greed, has screwed millions of ordinary people and caused the collapse of the economy.

While there's a whole lot of rubbish going on on the sidelines, I completely one hundred percent agree with the central tenet of democracy being defended: that the people must hold their governments, corporations and politicians accountable. Big business being the puppet master controlling government policy, corporations funding politics in order to get themselves deregulated, to get free reign to damage the planet and create more profit is, quite simply, not on.

But while I can't physically go and stand with the protesters, I am voting where it counts: with my money. By supporting small local businesses, cottage industries, mompreneurs and companies I believe are ethical and honest.

Because it seems to me, if we the people aren't giving the corporations the cash to sway policy by buying their crap, that goes a long way towards making sure that our money stays in the hands of the 99 percent.

In a couple weeks I'm going to be posting my Christmas list composed entirely of goods made by artisans, artists, and entrepreneurs who are cutting out the corps and making great products for the people.

Of course that doesn't help the nine-to-fivers stuck in corporate-mortgage-swamp hell. But it's a start, a step towards being the change I want to see in the world. And it's a change I firmly believe will support me in the future as we launch the Painted and Patched ranges.

Here's an interesting article about the effect voting with your money can have: How Netflix Alienated Its Customers And Became Less Popular Than Blockbuster In Two Weeks

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