December 05, 2012

Logic doesn't Make Magic, Heart does

I've written a little before about my double commitment and now the reality has really started. Last year of Uni and sometimes I think I'm a little crazy starting a business at the same time, but that's just logic and logic doesn't make magic, heart does.

I don't think I have ever felt anything so true in my heart. I have to admit too, usually I need rather a lot of recognition from others on what I'm doing, I mentioned this in a post about what we need as humans. Right now in my life though, things feel different, I don't feel I need that constant outside reassurance. There seems to be a strong presence around, telling me I am doing the right thing. Is it a sign of growth or a sign I have faith in what I doing? I like to think both.

Karuna Clayton Photography

I'm a true believer in belief, oh yes I am. I mean okay, it sounds a little cheesy but if you don't fully back what you're doing, who will?!

Right now I am by no means compromising my University commitments, the feeling I get when I paint is like nothing else, BUT I know my creative branch grows further. How far we will see?

So exciting to see how this will evolve.

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