December 05, 2012

Getting the Job Done....In Truly Visionary Style

Yesterday we lost a visionary. A truly remarkable human being whose vision and creativity were, quite simply, off the chart.


Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, died at home with his family, aged 56. Our generation has lost it's Newton, its Alexander Graham Bell, its Benjamin Franklin, its George Stevenson.

"The digital age has lost its leading light. But Steve's innovation and creativity will inspire dreamers and thinkers for generations." - Sony President and CEO, Howard Stringer

His innovations shaped an industry for the last two decades, and transformed the way we all work, communicate and interact. I have no doubt that the tech-transformation, of which he was a founding father, will in be cited in history with significance equal to the industrial revolution or the age of enlightenment.

Steve Jobs said he believed computers and technology were there to combine with human creativity to raise us to the next level of development, and I think that's absolutely true. His legacy will be, that in this extraordinary time of advancement, as the world is opening up, as political institutions, monetary systems, and old powerhouses fail, as a new consciousness and spirituality rises, and new spiritual awareness becomes the undercurrent of our lives, all are given wings thanks to his innovations.

“We are at a critical time in the evolution of our planet, a time where each one of us is waking up. We feel it. Our intuition is growing more acute. Our inner microphone, as I like to call it, is getting harder and harder to turn off, so that we can't just go along with our normal day. There's a rise in consciousness where we feel more connected to others, a part of something bigger going on, where we each have a role to play. The most important thing isn't to get the promotion, or stay in the marriage, or lose those 10 pounds. The most important thing is for us to remember who we are--why we are here--to do the inner work and find what are our "spiritual" reasons for being on the planet. Yes we do have something great to accomplish. Now. At any age. Wherever we are.” - Arianne Huffington

Thanks Steve for giving us the vehicle for this new dawn.

In this address to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005, Steve describes his unorthodox education, and the way trusting his intuition and following his passion had unexpected and powerful outcomes. It's fantastic.

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