December 05, 2012

Giving Your Creativeness the TLC it Deserves

Creativeness is a wonderful gift but it is also something we must take good care of.

Know when to give it a rest and know when to work it hard. My brain was fried after hours of web tweaking on and enough fabric research was done for the day... i knew i had to get out!

So off I went for a walk in the orchard behind a friend's house. That's another thing: know where you work best and take note of that place. Where and when your creativeness is when working changes and affects its growth.

I work well when I know I'm near either a field or near the ocean. I know, I know it sounds gloriously jolly and hippy but I'm afraid it's true. I think it's because I know after I have pushed myself hard, in a matter of seconds I'm somewhere so different, in body and mind.

As I stared at the apples in this beautiful orchard I got thinking about needs, the conditions we live in. If these apples didn't have water, light and fertile soil they wouldn't be able to grow into the best they can be. We all have the potential to become what we dream, make the best of ourselves.

I can only speak for myself, so today I make an oath to me... Treat yourself well, eat well, live well, be well. I will have fun, I will have that odd glass of wine, late night and lazy sofa day but beween them I will know that a healthy body, is a healthy mind.

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