December 05, 2012

There's Always Enough to Go Round....

Abundance. I'm spending a lot of time thinking about it, working on changing my mindset to believe in it, and ultimately create it as my reality.

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In my life up to now I've been operating under a misapprehension. In my varied experience of business (landscaping, restaurant-running, freelance writing) this belief has shaped the way I work, and the way I interact with customers, clients, and colleagues. Visionary womens' health specialist Christiane Northrup puts it better than I can:

The zero sum model that rules the conventional approach to money: in other words "there's only so much to go around. If you have more, then there will be less for me. If I win then you are a loser" Many womens subconscious minds hold them back from success or living their biggest fullest life because to do so would be uncomfortable for them, would create feelings of guilt at taking from others, would create insecurity and fear that others are trying to take what you have, or discomfort that you overshadow an ego close to you that needs to be top dog, of the feeling that in order to be "good" "selfless" a "sweet" person you have to do without material comfort or wealth.

There are so many myriad ways this plays out in women's lives, it's amazing that we have often as Dr Northrup says, internalised the zero sum model since birth.

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What if we approached life with the firm belief that there was plenty to go around? That abundance is all of our destinies and we're not only entitled to it, but that when living fully in abundance we are the most empowered version of us that we can be, and would simultaneously be empowering others.

That's what I'm working on - and the more progress I make, the more abundance keeps falling onto my plate. How bout you?


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