December 05, 2012

Singer Greed

I'm wowed by the many All Saints window displays, that are filled with old singer sewing machines. Come on they're pretty darn sexy!!

Now months have passed and the sitings have risen, my wowing is fading away and fast approaching are thoughts like "you greedy greedy singer hoggers".

Where did they find so many? What will they do with them after?

Singers by Holly Bensur
Singers, a photo by Holly Bensur on Flickr.

Maybe they don't work, so showing off their beauty is all they can do. I hope they are all happy to have been reunited with so many of their fellow singer friends and family.

A jolly old reunion, hear hear!

Next time you see one of these beautiful singer families, don't forget to wave.


Nat September 13 2011 at 02:09 PM

Oh My God – Not being in the uk very often I’ve only just realised – THAT’S IN ALL THEIR STORES????? The mind boggles, they must have all the singers left in the world.

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