December 05, 2012

My Creative Journey takes a new step

Creative Steps by elycefeliz
Creative Steps, a photo by elycefelizon Flickr.
When I started my blog a couple of years ago, the thought of revealing parts of myself, scared the hell out of me. I’ve recently been thinking, ‘great this is all becoming more familiar’ and then it dawned on me……

…….I’m playing this so bloody safe! I’m honestly scared about sharing my dreams. My mind and heart are keeping them close in fear of failure. What if they don’t come true and I have shouted them from the cyber rooftops!? And the rooftops of Whitstable too, to be truthful. Will people laugh? Will people judge? Will people even know?

But then my deeper self tells me, if I am ever going to reach my dreams, I have to believe in them enough to tell the world. Of course there’s always some things I keep locked away in my creative mind. But the sharing I am touching on here is the kind of sharing that is closely connected to belief (or faith if that word works for you). We have to share our dreams and whole heartedly tell the world we believe in what we are creating. It is this belief (faith) in ourselves that allows us to reach our destination. Belief (faith) is like a motor on a boat, you still have to work hard and steer but that journey becomes less of a struggle and more of ride.



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