December 05, 2012

The Quilt Which Started it All....

This is the quilt which started it all.

Karuna made this treasured blanket for me when my daughter was a small baby. It's made from her baby clothes, favourite babygros, her first pair of Thai fisherman's pants is that lilac colour, the yellow with dots is the nightdress I wore while I birthed her. It has always been Karuna's dream to make beautiful mama quilts like these, and I was so happy she gifted me with one of the first.

first idea for a baby's quiltThis quilt has always been so special to me, and when Laeila is older and it gets too raggedy, we'll probably frame it and put it on the wall. But what this quilt really means is that in this hurried world of faster, quicker, rush, and mass production, a friend took the time to create something beautiful and heartfelt. To honour my daughter's passage into the world, and my early journey into motherhood.

And it's important for  another reason too, because from it springs an idea of our future, the business we want to create together where our natural talents will shine.



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